Blog Post 4

A man once said that your ideals are something that may never change and your ideas can never alter. This is flawed and sadly, incorrect in our society. The best example I can think of, is the nation under Hitler. Before the Nazi take over, the Jewish population wasn’t widely hated but three important factors turned all of the non-Jewish population to begin to hate and believe they were evil. The German people started to hear the government and those in power spread the hate and after continuously being told and persuaded, the people started to believe it. If you hear something every single day regardless of your own opinion, a person will start to believe they are wrong and that what they are hearing is truth. This leads into my second point, social pressure. There may have been many who did not believe just Hitler, but were convinced when their social groups started to try and convince them that they were insane and that they were wrong. Once again, constantly hearing this would wear someone’s opinion and alter their ideas. Finally, after seeing the same for years and years, ideas will fade and be replaced by the new ones regardless of past ideals. This was the case in Nazi Germany for hundreds of thousands of people. Yes ideals and thoughts are yours and no one can truly change what you think, but they can ease your mind into changing them to what you are being told and shown without you even knowing it. 


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