Blog Post 3

Big brother is everywhere and Winston has completely forgotten this. The first and one of the biggest example to me, is Julia. In the beginning, Winston would envision a girl much like her in his dreams and thoughts and later, she just magically appears. Even if you ignore her, there are two bigger examples. The underground society that Winston had dreamed up in his head and hoped for, all of a sudden, this becomes reality. This is very suspicious because for the most part, it was made up in Winston’s head, a dream almost. Now what are the chances that not one, but two dreams coming true after he dreams them. The final thing that is suspicious is O’Brien suddenly becoming interested in him and offering him a spot in the “Underground Movement”. Very suspicious when all three dreams and thoughts of his come true and there is one more thought and dream Winston had that came true, the room for Winston and Julia. Not only has everything come true but there has been no response by the party to any of this. Winston has been infiltrated by Big Brother.  


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