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“If there’s hope, it lies in the proles” (Orwell). The proles are the lower class citizens in Oceania. The proles live outside of constant surveillance and are not under constant threat of thought crimes. For the most part, the proles are the most free in this society. On the surface, it seems as though the proles would be perfect candidates for a revolution. But when you look deeper, it reveals that the proles would never be able to stage a revolution. The first obstacle in the proles’ way is their lack of education. The first and if not the most important step the proles would need to take is to educate themselves. But the Party censors and deprives the proles of resources and the education necessary to rebel so the proles continue along without a second thought. This lack of education is a huge hindrance to a revolution possibility but is not the only one. Another challenge the proles face is the lack of resources to have a revolution with. The proles are very poor and a stand against the party would cost them their lives. The final reason is the proles psychologically are unprepared for a revolution nor do they even have the idea to start one. The second step to a revolution is a leader that will plant the seed (idea) into the masses and the proles do not have that. Without all of these, the proles will never revolt.   


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